Why Choose Explain Learning for Your Education Needs?

When you find yourself in need of a group learning platform that brings students together online, choosing Explain Learning is a great option to explore. Below are a few reasons why you should choose Explain Learning for your online group learning needs.

Time Can Be Saved

When it comes to creating a group, the Explain Learning platform allows you to create folders to upload documents that can then be shared with the group. When the documents are uploaded prior to a group meeting, you will be ahead and organized. So when your group meets, you can share your files and use a split screen for all to see.

Technology Is Advanced

The world of studying today is now all about technology and having some sort of technology device used in the classroom is commonplace. Because of this, it is no surprise that students are looking for online methods for group learning. The Explain Learning platform provides the newest technology available for students and provides an easy way to interact with group members who have the same goals in mind.

No Environmental Impact

When a learning platform is used for group learning, it will have no environmental impact because of no need for paper.products. Plus, the amount of power consumed by a group learning platform, such as Explain Learning can be decreased by more than 90% and have no increase on carbon emissions. There will be no need for the student to drive to get to a group meeting spot or have trees cut to supply more paper.

Students Remain Motivated

When motivation is an issue, the Explain Learning platform is able to keep a student’s attention through its interactive capabilities and video sharing. These features allow the students to remain engaged with each other. Through interactions, the students are able to express new ideas and learning methods. This will prevent boredom and remove the monotony that often comes with learning.

As a group,the communication is open between group members. This can develop a community that all group members can benefit from.

Explain Learning Is Flexible

Having a platform for group learning such as Explain Learning provides students with a flexible option to learn as a group. Being online and having members far away is a very flexible feature to permit and allows all to benefit. Explain Learning also allows the student to adapt to the online platform so that they can find a comfortable pace for their learning ability. Because of this adaptability and flexibility, the experience is more personable. When it is personalized, the student is able to remain focused knowing that their educational goals are being considered.

Explain Learning Enables Scalability

When a student has an online learning platform, many students are able to create groups through it at the same time. This ability enables it to become highly scalable no matter the amount.

You see and talk with your fellow study group members, face-to-face, while prompted by your documents and pictures like a teleprompter. You can share files and talk about them, so your notes go farther. Homework has never been easier, with four minds instead of one – in person, or remotely, talking on a smartphone.

Get Started With Explain Learning

Having a nice amount of benefits such as the ones above allows a student to stay focused and not fall behind in class. Plus, with its growing popularity many students worldwide are starting to catch on to it.