Want to Improve Your Learning Experience? Try Explain Learning!

As an all-new learning platform, Explain Learning allows you to learn within a group. Through your group, you are able to communicate directly with other group members while having access to your study material. With your study material on your screen, you are able to discuss your notes and share them among the group. By sharing your notes, your homework becomes easily understood.

The Explain Learning Advantage

Explain learning is able to provide a few advantages that makes the platform entirely unique.

● Easily access the platform from any device with a web connection.
● Group interaction is face-to-face
● Gain motivation and social support from group peers

Learning Through A Language Study Group

When you learn through a language study group, you are able to reap some great benefits. Besides eliminating procrastination and increasing confidence, you can overcome language barriers when you work collaboratively. This collaboration will enhance learning so that learning a language can occur quickly.

With many students being English language learners, they prefer a group setting. The following reasons are great to know about the language study group.

The Group Is Effective

Although friends may seem like a great choice for a study group, it should be made up of other students who pay attention, ask the teacher questions, answer questions, and take class notes. By having your group with other bright students, you’ll enjoy effective learning together.

Your group should also remain small and include no more than four group members. You should also have the group meet at the same agreed upon day and time each week. While the study group will be through the platform, it is a good idea that each member be in an area that will not cause distractions.

Have Goals and Topics Chosen

Once you have your study group members together, you all can have the group goals and topics chosen for each group meeting. Having topics chosen ahead of time allows you to stay focused on the topic. With the topic on hand, you should set goals that can be achieved during the group study. Make sure that the material is not too much at once so that group members do not become overwhelmed.

A Community of Learning

Explain Learning is a great community for learning that allows your group to work together remotely or in person. Your group will also have access to Tutors that consist of other individuals who are also utilizing the platform. Your interactions are similar to in-person but can consist of calls through your device. The platform has sharing capabilities and folders for all of your study material. This sharing permits many groups to share in the learning. So for times where you are not grasping a concept, you’re able to obtain help from outside of the group.

Flash Cards are Instinctive

The Explain Learning platform includes flashcards that are instinctive in nature and make for a great way to learn ideas and grasp concepts through memorization. Your flashcards can be organized and taken wherever you go so that studying can continue. Your flashcards will help save money by not having to buy paper cards or having to write on them or eventually lose the cards.

The flash cards come in two different sizes and can be shuffled and shown five cards at once. You can also share the flash cards with your group. If you have book pages to study, you can have the pages photographed and uploaded or even a formula that you have written out.

The Explain Learning Study Guide

Using the study guide through the Explain Learning platform allows the student to access the files to be copied and pasted to a single document. You can then save and have it printed or keep it on the platform to study. Your group members can view your study guide and even compare theirs to yours.

The screens you use can also be shared on the screens with each member of the group. The documents can be shared so that the work that is made for one member can be utilized by others.

The Explain Learning App

To take advantage of Explain Learning on your smartphone, you can view the app and stay up-to-date with your study group. The app also prevents you from falling behind, becoming overwhelmed, or getting bored. The app ultimately provides you with more study time without having to wait to log in from your laptop or find a Wi-Fi spot.

Groups Are Manageable

The Explain Learning platform enhances your school experience by having your groups manageable through your internet connection on your laptop or mobile device. This allows your group to be a touch away. With the logistics of the platform, your group can be changed and grown from your control board.

Ability to Concentrate on Improvements

When you have the necessary methods to study and organize, you’ll also have a great amount of support without the stress. The Explain Learning platform allows you to concentrate on your improvements. With your improvements in mind, your studies will be easier and fun while maintaining a clear way of thinking and remaining organized. You can also have records created that allow you to review them again in the future.

Stress-Free Environment

A day of studying is now simplified through the stress-free environment of Explain Learning. By having no stress, your efficiency level can be turned way up.