Supporting Military Kids Through Study Groups: The Explain Learning Way

A study group that supports military kids is able to provide them with many benefits. Explain Learning makes this support easy through its online platform. Through the platform, the military child is able to understand and learn the concepts the same way that other students learn.The material is also better understood. When there is a clear understanding, the learning can be more enjoyable.

The Military Child Becomes A Team Member

When the military child joins an Explain Learning study group, they will feel as part of a team. Not only will the group be leaning on a personal level, but on a professional one as well. Confidence will then be boosted and allow them to make confident decisions concerning their future.

Soldier with laptop on grey background, closeup

There Will Be No Hesitation

Having a study group will also decrease your military child’s hesitation. As a time is set for the study group, the military child will likely be participating in it more actively than any other group member.

Gain Different Perspectives

When a military child is studying alone, they will have only a single perspective of the study material. By having them join an Explain Learning study group, they are able to gain different perspectives from other group participants. These perspectives will allow the child to think of better answers to a question that they may not have thought about on their own.

Faster Learning Ability

Having military children in a study group enables them to achieve a faster learning ability. This will be true for when the child is not fully understanding a concept. When this occurs the child is able to ask others questions. This ultimately saves time without much thought being needed.

Monotony Can Be Avoided

When military children join a military kids study group, the learning becomes fun without being monotonous. By having a lot of support from other group members, there will be a lot less overwhelment. Combining elements of speaking and listening, the military child is able to learn from the study group effectively.

New Learning Methods Are Achieved

When your military child is part of a children study group, other methods of learning can be achieved. By achieving other learning methods, they can obtain new skills which can then be easily applied. When the student studies, the new learning methods can be developed and while in a study group they can observe other habits that can be applied effectively. The student will also be able to make improvements to their own learning method so that studying can become easier.

Learning Issues Are Resolved

Having your military child involved with a study group through Explain Learning is able to resolve issues by finding answers fast. When a topic is not fully understood or if questions come up surrounding the material, the student’s learning issues are resolved by the study group and the student’s questions can be answered through the group. When a military child studies alone, their questions will need to be answered once they return to class. This may cause frustration when an answer or help is not obtained. The study group is able to help answer questions that other group members have so that issues can be discussed.

Gaps In Learning Can Be Prevented

When a military child studies within a study group, there will no longer be any gaps in learning. In fact, the study group is able to provide additional learning so that the child does not get behind. This is a great way to stay on top of learning if the child’s family has transferred and the child attends a new school.