The Power of Language Study Groups: Why Learning in a Group is the Way to Go

When you have an interest in a new language, it is important that you engulf yourself in it as much as possible. A great way to do this is through learning in a group. With group learning, there are many advantages available.

Here at Explain Learning, we take group learning to a whole new level through our social network platform that has all members interacting face-to-face. Once together, the group is able to talk to each other, verbalize their problems, and brainstorm as a group. Our method is able to build confidence and encourages practice with speaking.

Language development is an important skill to learn with others in a group, especially when their proficiency level matches yours. When your level of speaking is the same as group members, you will experience less anxiety and enjoy the boost in confidence while speaking your language.

Having this method fosters a unique approach unlike any other types by allowing the students to read and speak their chosen language and eventually write it as well. With a huge percent of people wanting to speak a language, the learning that you take part in with Explain Learning is able to make it a reality.

Besides this, there are a few other reasons why learning a language in a group is a good way to go.

You’ll Collaborate with Others

A key to learning a language is by collaborating with others and while doing so, you are able to help one another within the group. You are able to provide direct answers to other group member questions and assist with the proper pronunciation of words or phrases so that confusion can be eliminated.


On top of collaborating, you are able to keep each group member challenged. This challenge will be done because it is known that a language is modified as a speaker talks within a group.
This can affect others positively when they are not comfortable speaking in public and maintaining their speaking skills by hearing others. This will lead to group members feeling encouraged.

Speaking Tailored To Your Needs

When a language study group is formed, the group members are able to receive an experience that is tailored to your needs. The lessons given can focus on your direct needs and in a way that you easily understand. The language lessons could include slang and other specifics to a language that enables you to understand various expressions. Having an opportunity like this makes for an invaluable lesson that will help further group study.

Develop Interpersonal Relationships

The language study group is able to allow members to develop interpersonal relationships with other members. By experiencing the same language with others, you can provide tips, which will show your ability to work together and help when needed. This can impact all group members and allow effective and efficient problem solving.

Decrease Cultural Sensitivities

A language study group having a positive effect on its members, it is able to decrease cultural sensitivities. This is because the group directly affects individual beliefs, expectations, and values. By being aware of different cultures, the study group is able to recognize differences in word meaning so that no one feels embarrassed or upset. By remaining culturally aware, the sensitivities will eventually be pushed to the wayside.

Developing a Study Group

In order to have a study group developed you need to be sure to know what type of study group it will be used for. If it will be a school study group that focuses on language, it is important to have goals set and a certain plan for achievement to be made. While fluency may be expected by a few students, others may only want to achieve a certain amount in order for relationships to be developed in order to further personal abilities.

For the goals to be reached with fluency, materials will be provided through our social network platform. There will also be several other resources and a huge amount of support in case help is needed. All you have to worry about is having a device to use the platform from anywhere you choose.

In order for progress to be meaningful, student data will be collected prior to the study group being formed. This data will allow proper pairing of group members and to have an idea of each member’s proficiency level. Also, timelines can be established so that you can reach goals and see change and progress as it happens.

It is not easy to learn a language and not all approaches may work for each group member. This is why incorporating the data collected is vital in pairing group members. This data will also help goals to be met without feeling like they are falling behind or not grasping a concept well. When a student is seen as not comprehending appropriately, this is where other group members can also come in hand to assist where needed.


By learning in a language study group you are able to have an understanding of cultures and know what level of proficiency you are at once you begin to participate in the study group. With Explain Learning, we incorporate a personal group setting that develops effective and strong skills that allow a student to grasp their language. In order to find out more about us, get in touch today.