Study Smarter, Not Harder: Why You Need to Join a College Study Group

As a college student, you may see a large part of college as needing to complete course presentations, theses, projects, and regular assignments. Not only that, but you need to be studying for course exams. Knowing this, you need to be joining a college study group so that you can take advantage of your time needed for studying. Besides this, there are good reasons why you need to join a college study group.

Why Study Groups Are Avoided By College Students

Students avoid study groups for two main reasons. The first reason is because many students believe that concentration is obtained through isolation. This may seem like a reasonable reason when the material is needing to be learned but not remembered later on. When understanding is needed, then the group setting will be beneficial.

The other reason can be difficult to come to grips with. This is an ultimate fear of having to face not knowing the learning material from class. This leads to a vulnerability and will actually be a reason why a study group would be worthwhile for the student.

Why You Need to Join a College Study Group

You are able to face your fears – When you join a college study group, you are able to learn things that you may not have a clue about. When you learn about things that are uncertain, you are able to be better prepared when you see the information on exams or finals. Plus, if you feel annoyed about having to face your fears, you will benefit greatly without having any surprises come up later on.

Difficulty understanding details – If you study alone, you may have difficulty understanding the lecture’s details. Not only that, your classmates may have paid better attention than you did so they will become a valuable resource for the missing information you need. By joining a study group you and the group are able to help each other out. This way, you all can explain things to each other so that the material is well understood.

They Promote Creativity and Critical Thinking

Taking part in a study group will promote you to ask questions and receive new views regarding discussions that a group has. This allows the group to reach a learning level that is a lot deeper surrounding the material, which would be missed otherwise.

Eliminate Procrastination

When you study as a group, there is no fear of procrastination as opposed to studying alone. When you study by yourself, you may find excuses not to study and postpone it for later. For example, you decide to check your social media or you decide to drink or prepare food to eat while you are also studying.

While breaks are an important part of studying, you need to be able to remain in your study zone so that you use your time constructively. Taking too many breaks though can lead to you feeling frustrated about inefficiently studying.

How is a Study Group Effective?

When you have a study group formed, you should be careful of who the group members are and take care in how to choose them. In order for your group to be effective, you should be aware of a few tips about them.

● Make sure to have your reading material prepared prior to the group meeting. This will help the discussion become more valuable.
● Ensure that the group members are focused during class and are interacting with the professor.
● Be sure that you feel motivated by those in the group so that you are inspired to stay focused. This way you get more out of the class besides just a good grade.
● Only have a group made up of only 4 or 5 members. This small group will make it easier to communicate and coordinate. This allows the discipline to be maintained.

When you are Ready To Commit to a Study Group

When you are committed to a study group, there are some more tips to be aware of when it comes to being ready.

● The group meetings should be held weekly
● A leader of the group should be named so that locations can be determined, the time decided, and the group is informed about the subject to be discussed.
● Ensure that material is reviewed as a group, questions concerning homework are answered, and problems that group members face are addressed.
● Have technology accessible by all group members.
● The leader needs to determine what the group discusses and ensure that all group members are on the same page.
● Make sure that the group is both fun and energetic
● Conduct a summarization of important points from class lectures
● Have fun as a group outside of studying

By having a great study group, you will be able to learn quite a bit more than you would alone. Plus, you may even have fun as a group and even be proud of yourself for joining.