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To use many minds together, not just one. And to use more people to reason out the questions, and organize material. Then, you can save everything, and use it later in your career. The goal is to be prepared and stress-free for the test, by meeting daily, and using a regimen to get things done fast, but controlled and lucid, as a mental team, with each other having each other's backs. And beyond that, by daisy-chaining groups in class together, in case one person's group wants to talk to another for help with a question. Then they can share files with the Sharing Folder, and screens with the Sharing Group, with the first group. Below are specific instructions for the daily use of the site.

1. Organize all your school files by uploading them to the folders on the left.

2. Use the Sharing Screen to share and talk about your files, such as things you don't understand. Take notes on the Sharing Screen, as you are taught and tutored about it, save the document, and put it in the appropriate folder, like Class Notes, or Homework.

3. If you took notes by hand, in class, Scan your Class Notes and write them out in a text document by using the Split Screen, and save it to your Class Notes folder. Use your Class Notes Scan on the left, and your New Document on the right. Then, put your Class Notes into the Sharing Folder, and have all your other group members do the same. Then make a Split Screen and type into your Class Notes document for the day everything to make sure you have all the parts of the notes. Talk about it as you do it, with your group members, if anybody has a question, talking with each other.

4. Then take turns reading the course material book reading Homework out loud with the Timer, and explain to, and have one member write up, the Flashcard Terms for every term that you come across for the daily Homework.

5. Do your homework in a group, taking from your Class Notes document in a Split Screen with the Class Notes doc on the left, and talk about it as you type up the answers to the Homework, on the right, after discussing it, in your own words. Talk about each question, and or use a Scan of the Homework questions on the left of a Split Screen, and type your answers on the right and then print it out and hand it in. Save the file in your Homework Folder.

6. Have the finished Flashcards that have been talked about by the group during reading time, and written up by a group member, shared with everyone by having them put in the Flashcards Sharing Folder.

7. Have a Tutor Group member call you up with a question, and use the Sharing Screen to share a document with them, to explain it to them, like a Math formula. Or, make or use one of your own documents in a Sharing Folder, Tutor Folder, to get it to them, so they can understand. They can do for you the same. The goal is for both people and everyone in the two or any more groups to be in control of their studies by understanding concepts, or sharing documents that someone might not have. You could even split up the work, and have two or three groups work as one, by sharing Flashcards, Class Notes, Homework, Pictures, and difficult formulas between each other's groups, just a call away.

8. Make a Study Guide by using the Split Screen to have any doc on the left, and quickly and easily copy and paste to a doc on the right that is your Study Guide, pictures and text from any of your folders and organized materials, like files in the Homework, Class Notes, or Class Materials folders. You could share them in your group, and use a Split Screen to get any more info from a friend, or just print your Study Guide out and study just that for the test. Then, file it with others for other tests in the Study Group Folder, for the Final Exam.

9. Save your data at any time by clicking on your Profile on the Home Page.

10. Work and meet remotely just the same, from your favorite location, by using your phone to conference call and the Sharing Screen and Sharing Folders, to meet up with your group. Use wifi or a mobile hot spot, and call with a phone. Extra questions can be asked at any time simply by reaching your group, or a Tutor Group member. Now you are covered and can study anywhere, at any time.


Have freedom to work with your many groups, and many Tutor Group members, anywhere, any time, so you have more time for sports, work, or sleep. Stay on top, and feel on top. Explain Learning is your cheap and useful ticket to success.

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