Explain Learning works as a study system because of these reasons:

The information students study is processed information from the class that they put in their own words. Students never have to study the textbook or the teacher’s words. Everyone thinks the way they want to think and students write the way they want to write, to memorize the material – because they make it into a form they can understand, learning while they do how to become an independent thinker, and thus retaining the material. For example,

  1. The Class Notes taken are compiled from each group member’s typed or drawn notes for the day. They are written up by each student, in their own words.
  2. The Study Guides are made by quickly and easily copy-and-pasting from any of their notes or class materials that they store on the site and are completely in their words.
  3. Even if students forget after the test, they still have all their Study Guides already done and filed on the site, that they can print out and study again for the Final.
  4. Later, even if they still forget after taking the class, all of their work is still stored just as they made it, and they can review and re-learn it any time from all of their own data.
  5. Homework is always done by the group, and written in each person’s own words.
  6. Flashcards are terms written in their own words to study.

In conclusion, students will never be limited in their studies by a poorly-written textbook, or other class materials given to them that is hard for them to understand. They will get in groups and try to translate the class information into a form they can understand, supporting each other, and will work on their own to each find a form that they process and make up that is convenient for them to study – the material processed and written, in their own words. This is what is then tested on the teacher’s test – all of the class material, that a student learned for themselves. Then they will be able to save this material, for later review and re-learning, in their career and later in life – all of this with no change to the system.